Where is Giant Colors?

More Potent Wave Function

I recently finished mixing some new music.  It took some time to get here.  These songs are a deeply personal reflection of my current journey in time.  This release is much like seeing myself in water looking back.

Aside from an experimental set in the woods of Northern California , I have never performed as Giant Colors live.  I have acquired some gadgets to change that.

Thank you for your support.




Interview With Christina Abdelnour


Christina Abdelnour asks a few questions about A Short Vacation.

This is your first solo release.  How did Giant Colors come about and what was it like creating this music compared to other projects and being a part of a band?

To understand where Giant Colors comes from, we have to go back a few years when I first met David Carter and Bret Phillips.  They invited me to do a track with their drone project, Triop on the album Triopical.  We further collaborated with Psychedubasarus Rex, and eventually Lotus Quadrant bloomed from that. (Contine Reading)

Giant Colors – Citrus

Here’s a little taste from my new EP. Get a copy under the New Moon, Tuesday August 6th.